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3 Benefits Of Getting An Antique Ring Appraised

Did you inherit an antique ring from a deceased relative and have no idea how much it is worth? You might want to consider taking the ring to a professional appraisal to learn more about it. Getting your antique ring appraised by a professional will actually come with several benefits. In this article, you will gain more insight on why getting your antique ring appraised is in your best interest.  

1. You Can Get it Properly Insured

The smartest thing that you can do after inheriting an antique ring is to find out what the value is. You can then contact an insurance company to obtain covered for the ring. It is possible that your ring can be covered under your homeowner's insurance policy if you have one. Basically, the insurance coverage will give you the right to get compensated for the ring if it is stolen or damaged due to an incident like a house fire. A jewelry appraiser can give you the exact value of the ring so you can make sure it is insured for a fair amount of money.

2. The Rightful Designer Will Be Discovered

Just because you were told that the ring you have is an antique, does not mean that it is actually true. You might have a replica of an antique design that isn't as valuable as you think. Rather than keeping the ring for numerous years and thinking that you have something that is valuable, it is in your best interest to find out who designed the ring. A professional appraiser will be able to thoroughly observe specific areas of the ring to find out how authentic it is. For instance, some jewelry designers make sure their rings are engraved with certain words or marks to show authenticity.

3. You Will Learn About the Jewels & Metal

By getting your antique ring appraised, you will learn exactly what it is constructed of. The appraiser will examine each one of the stones and document what they are. The stones will also be graded based on how good of a condition they are in. Grading is actually one of the most important benefits of getting jewelry appraised because it can determine the overall value since damaged antique jewelry is not typically worth as much as when it is in good shape. Take your antique ring to a jewelry appraiser as soon as you are able to.   

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Learning More About Precious Stones Used For Jewelry

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