Learning More About Precious Stones Used For Jewelry

Three Great Reasons To Buy Antique Jewelry At Estate Sales

You've undoubtedly seen advertisements for estate sales, and perhaps you've wondered what they're all about. Estate sales can be wonderful adventures that have many benefits. Following are three great reasons to buy antique jewelry at estate sales.  It's Back in Style  Old school glamor has made quite a comeback this season, with estate jewelry coming forward from its place in the shadows to take center stage in stylish dressing. What better time to amp up the glitz than the holiday season? Read More 

Learn How To Choose A Great Pair Of Earrings For Your Daughter

Showing your daughter how special she is to you is very important. A great way to show her that you care is to get her a present that she can use on a daily basis. A beautiful set of earrings is always a great present to give to a little girl. Use the guide that follows to learn how to select the perfect set of earrings for your little girl. Read More 

Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring to Give to Your Boyfriend

While it may be customary for a man to propose to a woman, there is no reason why a woman cannot propose to a man. If you feel that it is time to take the relationship to the next level but do not feel like your boyfriend will ask you to marry him, take the relationship into your own hands and consider proposing to him. The guide below walks you through the steps to take to choose the perfect engagement ring to give him. Read More 

Turquoise Jewelry: Comparing Natural Stones From Common Counterfeits

Native Americans have believed for centuries that turquoise has numerous mystical properties. They fashioned jewelry from the stones to enable them to wear it as a talisman and used it decoratively in a great deal of their art. They were not the only ancient culture to believe turquoise was as valuable for its powers as it was for its beauty. Ancient Egyptians, Turks and the Chinese also prized turquoise because they felt it brought luck, safety and power. Read More 

Selling Your Gold Coins? Take Them To A Pawn Shop

If you have gold coins, you might be thinking about selling them so that you can get as much cash as possible for them. There are various ways that you can sell gold coins, but one of the best options is to take them to a local pawnbroker. These are a few reasons why it's best to sell them at a pawn shop. You Can Get Your Cash the Same Day Read More 

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Learning More About Precious Stones Used For Jewelry

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