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Learn How To Choose A Great Pair Of Earrings For Your Daughter

Showing your daughter how special she is to you is very important. A great way to show her that you care is to get her a present that she can use on a daily basis. A beautiful set of earrings is always a great present to give to a little girl. Use the guide that follows to learn how to select the perfect set of earrings for your little girl.

Consider If You Want Dangling or Stud Earrings

The first thing you need to consider is if you want the earrings to dangle from your daughter's ears or not. If you have a young child, dangling earrings may not be the best option for her. Dangling earrings can easily get caught on a shirt, jacket, or simply when your child is playing. When a dangling earring is caught, it can pull down on your child's ear and hurt her. Studs are often the best option for young children.

Consider the Material You Want for the Jewelry

Next, you need to consider what type of material you want the earrings to be made of. It is often best to choose materials that will not irritate sensitive skin, since many children have very delicate skin when they are young. Choose gold or silver earrings for your child to ensure that they are as comfortable as they can possibly be.

Consider the Style of Earrings 

Next, you need to consider the style of earrings that your child would like. Gold and silver earrings are available in a large variety of unique styles. You could purchase earrings that are designed to look like your child's favorite animal, simple small balls, or even feature the first initial of your child's name.

Consider If You Want Jewels in the Earrings

Finally, you need to determine if you want to buy earrings that have jewels in them. Young children often lose their earrings while they are wearing them or because they forgot to put them away properly. It may be the best option to choose earrings that have jewels in them when your child reaches her teenage years.

When you purchase the earrings from the jeweler, be sure to ask for a box to present them to your daughter in. Your daughter can then use the box to store the earrings when she is not wearing them. You do not want to let your child sleep with the earrings in because it could cause them to push into your child's ear lobe throughout the night.

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