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Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring to Give to Your Boyfriend

While it may be customary for a man to propose to a woman, there is no reason why a woman cannot propose to a man. If you feel that it is time to take the relationship to the next level but do not feel like your boyfriend will ask you to marry him, take the relationship into your own hands and consider proposing to him. The guide below walks you through the steps to take to choose the perfect engagement ring to give him.

Consider What He Does for a Living

You need to take the time to consider what your boyfriend does for a living before buying him an engagement ring. There are some jobs that require people to wear nonconductive rings when they work in order to keep them safe at all times. Nonconductive rings are commonly made from Kevlar or carbon fiber. Some jobs do not allow workers to wear rings at all, as is the case with mechanics and electricians, but that does not mean that your boyfriend cannot wear the ring when he is not at work.

Consider the Style of Ring He Would Like

Next, you need to consider the style of ring your boyfriend would like. There are some rings that are created with designs etched into the surface of the ring and some that have cutouts that make the ring look even more unique. You can always go to a jeweler and have a ring custom-made for your boyfriend to make the ring even more unique and personal.

Consider If Jewels Are Too Flashy for Him

While women love to see large stones in the center of their engagement rings, not all men enjoy wearing jewels in their jewelry. You need to take the time to consider if your boyfriend is the type of man that likes to wear flashy things or if he has more demure tastes. If you think that he would like jewels, consider a row of small diamonds rather than one large diamond on the ring. This creates a more masculine look.

Many women do not know the ring size of their boyfriend, but that is not a problem. You can have the ring sized to your boyfriend's ring size after you ask him to marry you. Many jewelers will be able to size the ring for a small fee to ensure the ring fits your boyfriend perfectly when he wears it.

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