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Three Great Reasons To Buy Antique Jewelry At Estate Sales

You've undoubtedly seen advertisements for estate sales, and perhaps you've wondered what they're all about. Estate sales can be wonderful adventures that have many benefits. Following are three great reasons to buy antique jewelry at estate sales. 

It's Back in Style 

Old school glamor has made quite a comeback this season, with estate jewelry coming forward from its place in the shadows to take center stage in stylish dressing. What better time to amp up the glitz than the holiday season? You'll be needing elegant accessories for the next couple of months to accent holiday attire, and estate jewelry has the added benefit of being unique. For instance, if you wear a necklace you bought at an estate sale featuring the contents of a turn-of-the-century farmhouse, it's pretty much a given that no other attendee at your Christmas Dinner or New Year's Eve bash will be wearing the same piece. Besides adding an extra layer of intrigue and polish to holiday dressing, you can wear the majority of vintage jewelry for a quirky twist to everyday business attire. 

It's a Treasure Hunt 

You never know what you're going to find when you attend an estate sale in search of quality antique jewelry. Estate sales, by nature, involve the combined collections of family members over a time span of several decades -- sometimes several generations are involved in the same estate sale. You could find graceful Art Deco pieces nestled in a jewelry box next to glamorous pieces crafted for box office queens and their imitators during the 1950s. Classic 1940s pieces that graced the earlobes, necklines, and wrists of swing dancers could be wrapped in tissue paper and hidden in a vanity drawer. One of the most exciting things about estate sales is that items offered are reflective of individuals throughout the course of their lives rather than sanitized collections that have no personal connection. A typical jewelry collection might contain, for instance, a first sweet sixteen necklace and earring set, hope chest and honeymoon jewelry, and bridal and anniversary gifts. 

It Might Be Worth Money 

Those who know what to look for can make money buying and reselling estate sale jewelry. You'll need to learn to recognize telltale signs of authenticity, such as maker's marks and original patina. Some people make a tidy income buying estate sale jewelry and reselling it in brick-and-mortar venues or in online retail stores. You can do this either as a part-time paying hobby or a full time enterprise.   

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Learning More About Precious Stones Used For Jewelry

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