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Earrings, Face Shape, And How To Choose The Right Style

How can you choose the right earrings for your face shape? If you're not sure what style to select, take a look at the questions to ask first.

What Shape Is Your Face?

Before you can choose the right jewelry for your face type, you need to identify the shape. To determine your face shape:

Find the widest part of your face. Do you have a wide cheekbone-to-cheekbone space? If so, chances are high that you have a round face. Do you have a wide jaw? You may have a square face. If your forehead is wider, it's more likely that you have an oval face.

Look at the length. Along with width, the length of your face can help you to determine its shape. A shorter length may indicate a round shape, while a longer face is typically more of an oval.

Assess your jaw. A wide jaw often equals a square face. But if you have a pointy jaw, you probably have a heart-shaped face.

Now that you know what shape your face is, it's time to move on to the next step—jewelry selection.

What Type of Earring Matches Your Face Shape?

Even though some styles of jewelry may match a specific face shape better/worse than others, you won't find a set-in-stone rule for selecting a winning combination. As you choose the right jewelry for your face's shape, consider:

Whether the jewelry will overly accentuate your face. Long, thin dangling chains may drag your already-long face down, while small, round studs may make your round face look even more spherical.

Overall balance. You don't need to select a style that's an exact opposite of your face's shape. But you should make sure the jewelry has enough of a difference to create a complementary look. This should include a delicate balance of your facial shape and the jewelry's design.

Your other facial features. While your overall face shape plays a pivotal role in the jewelry selection process, it isn't the only consideration. Think about how each potential piece looks with your eyes, nose, cheekbones, and mouth.

Think of your facial shape as a starting point for the selection process. After you factor in your face's features, add in the color and sheen of the metal or gemstone and the event (the reason for wearing the jewelry). Above all, you should feel comfortable and confident in your earrings. If the style doesn't match your personal preference, keep shopping.

To learn more about earrings, contact a jewelry supplier.

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