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Varieties Of Birthstone Bracelets That May Catch Your Eye

If you're someone who celebrates your birth by thinking about your birthstone, you might frequently enjoy looking for jewelry that contains this stone. Whether it's a garnet, a ruby, an emerald, or something else, many birthstone-focused pieces of jewelry are widely available at your local jewelry store. You might already have a birthstone necklace or pair of earrings, but if you're interested in adding a bracelet to your ensemble, you'll be happy to know that you won't have trouble finding an appropriate bracelet that features your birthstone. Here are three varieties that may catch your eye.

Solitary Stone

One type of bracelet that may appeal to you is a type in which the bracelet has a simple design and just one solitary stone. If you're of the opinion that the individual gems can get lost in a bracelet that has a busy appearance, you may like the classic look of a bracelet with a solitary stone. The bracelet band itself can be one solid material, or it may be a series of links. The star attraction, of course, will be the birthstone, which you may position on the upper surface of your wrist where you'll be able to enjoy seeing it throughout the day.

Pattern Of Stones

Another type of birthstone bracelet that may catch your eye when you're shopping at a store or online is one that contains a pattern of stones. For example, if your particular birthstone is relatively inexpensive, it might appear repeatedly. One common type of bracelet involves a pattern that features the birthstone, next to a crystal, and followed by a stylish bead — and then repeated over and over. This bracelet has a busier appearance, but it's one that can definitely give you a sparkly and stylish look when you wear it.

Dangling Stone

If you're someone who favors dangling jewelry — including not only bracelets in this style, but also earrings and necklaces — you may want to look for a birthstone bracelet that has one or more birthstones dangling off it. Instead of the birthstones being attached to a stiff bracelet or threaded in line with other gems, this type of bracelet may have one or more birthstones hanging off it in different locations. While some people find this style of jewelry a little impractical for everyday use, because the dangling elements can be loud when they touch your desk, it offers a dazzling look for a variety of formal gatherings.

For more tips on implementing birthstones into jewelry, reach out to a local jewelry store.

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Learning More About Precious Stones Used For Jewelry

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