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Three Peace Sign Pendants To Buy

While some people choose necklace pendants to wear simply because they like how the pendant looks, another option is to choose a piece of jewelry that sends some type of message. You'll find all sorts of examples of these pendants for sale at any jewelry store, giving you a chance to browse the products and find something that offers a message that resonates with you. One option to consider is a peace sign. This symbol is immediately recognizable to most people, which makes it appealing as a necklace pendant. Here are three peace sign pendants to think about buying.

Basic Metal

There are lots of different peace sign pendants that are made of metal and have a basic design that simply depicts the shape of this symbol. You'll see these pendants in metals that have gold and silver hues, while other options such as bronze are also possible to find. This basic design can be appealing to anyone who wishes to make a simple statement about peace without feeling the need to be flashy. You can choose a peace sign pendant in any number of sizes, ensuring that you can wear something that fits with your sense of style.


You'll also see peace sign pendants that feature gemstones. Often, the gemstones are embedded around the entire surface of the symbol, which helps to make it more visible — especially in environments that are brightly lit. These pieces of jewelry often feature synthetic gemstones, which helps to make them more affordable. While you'll see pieces with clear gemstones, you'll also see options that have gemstones in one or more colors. Sometimes, the gemstones will appear in the colors of the rainbow, making for a colorful and vibrant design that many people will find stylish.


Many jewelry stores carry a selection of wooden jewelry pieces. You'll see bracelets, earrings, and pendants, the latter of which is often available in a peace sign. If you're the type of person who loves soft, natural-looking necklace pendants, you may feel that a wooden one is the right choice for you. These pendants are often made of exotic woods and stained in ways that accentuate the wood grain, which can make even a small peace sign really stand out as it hangs from your neck. Visit a jewelry store in your area to browse its various pendants for sale, including these three types of peace sign designs.

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Learning More About Precious Stones Used For Jewelry

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