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Three Stylish Traits Of Edwardian Rings

If you're the type of person who can never have enough pieces of jewelry in your jewelry box, it can be fun to visit shops that specialize in different jewelry types. Spending some time in a store that carries antique jewelry will give you the opportunity to browse styles from several different eras. If you're particularly interested in rings, you may see a number of Edwardian rings. These pieces of jewelry, which date back to the Edwardian era of the early 1900s, have a distinct look that makes them sought after today. Here are three stylish traits of Edwardian rings.

Filigree Style

Edwardian rings typically have a filigree style, which means that they commonly feature very thin pieces of metal that appear throughout the ring in different ways. This style helps to give Edwardian rings a fine and somewhat dainty look, which can make them particularly appealing for those who have slender fingers and like dainty jewelry. Although these rings can vary a lot in design, you'll commonly see several examples of the filigree style on them. It can be fun to carefully study an Edwardian ring. The longer you look, the more details you'll notice.


It's common for Edwardian rings to feature one or more diamonds. While various forms of antique jewelry can use all sorts of gemstones, diamonds are a fixture on these types of rings. Some Edwardian rings have one relatively large diamond, while others feature a design that includes several smaller diamonds. The use of diamonds gives these rings a classic and timeless look, and some people appreciate how they can wear an Edwardian ring with virtually any type of outfit when they get dressed up. If you were to buy an antique ring with a colored gemstone, you'd likely want to be more selective about the outfit you pair the jewelry with.

Hand Carved Marks

Another detail that you'll notice when you look at an Edwardian ring is a number of hand carved marks. These marks vary based on the type of ring you're checking out. Some of these rings have lots of these markings, while others have relatively few. The hand carved nature of the markings makes each piece unique. You might find two Edwardian rings that look the same, but when you look closely at the hand carved marks, you'll see that the rings are actually slightly different. Shop for Edwardian rings or other antique jewelry at an antique jewelry store.

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Learning More About Precious Stones Used For Jewelry

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